Are your medical devices safe for patients and their ePHI, and compliant with federal mandates?

Your Challenge

Audits tell us that healthcare providers who fail HIPAA audits, put patients and their data at risk often share a common oversight: They’ve failed to assess and secure medical devices that capture, generate and transmit patient data.

Have you included medical devices in your risk assessments, as mandated by the HIPAA Security Rule? [ more ]

Your Solution

HIPAA requires you to assess and protect every place ePHI resides in your organization -- including medical devices. But the FDA won't allow you to tinker with a medical device, altering its software, like you would do with a traditional computer.

We'll bridge the divide to deliver superior medical device security and compliance with a cross-functional team of clinical engineers, health IT and healthcare law experts with 17,000+ medical device risk assessments under their belt. [ more ]


Featured Resource 

Out of Sight, Out of Control

  • Identify hidden patient safety, data security & compliance risks unique to medical devices.
  • Examine the business, clinical and legal repercussions of these common oversights.
  • Identify action steps to reduce or reverse risks.
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